June 28, 2010

Will spank for food

I wonder what kind of spanking she's looking for? Do you think the $2.00 would include bare? Would she just lean over the railing and stick her bottom out to wait for one smack?

I've seen several methods of soliciting money. In Berkeley, some teens were offering to punch each other for a quarter. Downtown here, there's a man who will create a poem for you for only one dollar (pretty good writer, too).

But a spanking? That's innovation.


  1. Ya, good question. I think for $2, I'd want to smack her more than once. Cuz that means a dozen smacks will cost you $24. For that price, the spanker ought to use a cane! ;) Bare would be nicer, but it looks like those panties can be made to ride pretty high. And the public spectacle of it, without having to take any blame (after all, she's got the racket going on, and there's words to prove it), is pretty hot. Ok, barely pink, you wear the panties, and I will definitely smack that bottom of yours!

  2. I'm going to do this the old phone sex operator way and say that $2.00 will buy you one minute.



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