June 14, 2010

Leather love

You know how I've made mention of my "list"?

Ever-changing and existing solely in my head, experiences have been added and checked off at almost the same rate recently. Idea in -- scene plays out. Please and thank you kindly, Sir.

Flogger? Check. Switch? Check. Semi-public spanking? Check and check.

And then there are those things that never had time to make it to the illustrious list. They're just done, with little discussion or forethought. The latest? Donning a pair of leather chaps on a Sunday morning for some spanking and photographic fun. Who knew it would be so sexy? Who knew how comfortable I'd feel while being made decidedly uncomfortable with his punishing hand?

While the snap and smack of a leather implement is my preference, I've never been much for wearing leather -- decidedly not my fetish. However, there was something about the cool, sueded interior of the chaps against my thighs, the black leather framing my pale, and then later pink, bottom that felt so illicit and delicious. They're the leather equivalent to a garter belt and stockings -- highlighting the target areas while discreetly keeping the others under wraps.

And then there was that moment when he knelt and zipped the left leg, his head bent closely to my knee, his hands circling my calf. Anticipation rose with the zipper, a delicious uncurling deep in my belly, as I perched on the edge of the bed. His eyes met mine as the zipper reached the top. He smoothed his hands over the naked expanse of my revealed thighs and walked his fingers over my dampening thong to gauge my reaction.

So, leather chaps, welcome to my list: I'd like to wear you again.


  1. Don't forget the leather vest! It reveals as much as it covers... :-)

  2. Oh, yes...the vest is due some recognition as well. Yey, leather!

  3. Oh my...now I want leather chaps!

  4. Save a horse ride a cowgirl, yeehah

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  6. Leather chaps are delightfully entertaining!

    There's been talk of a photo op with the chaps and his iron horse. I'll let you know if that actually happens.


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