April 27, 2010

Add another to the list

I love butts.

I love the curves, the softness, the flare of the cheeks, the power residing under the silk. I specifically love the female bottom.

My love of the ass developed at a very early age, sneaking peeks at women undressing, watching the cheeks move and sway as they removed their panties.

This love is so deeply ingrained in me that I think it might be key to why I so enjoy having my own bottom reddened; the simple act of baring myself produces an immediate physiological response. My pants go down and I get wet. Indisputable cause and effect.

I love butts and I really love mine.

But of course it goes deeper than that. One can enjoy the visual of a beautiful bottom and not necessarily thirst for it to jiggle, clench and turn crimson under the force of an implement. But I do.

I like to watch. I like to listen. I'm a voyeur and an exhibitionist. I can get off on the sounds of a firm spanking, my nose tucked into the corner, my bare bottom on display. Or perhaps I will someday put my own skills as a bottom to use on another woman's bottom, with me delivering the smacks, caresses and gauging their effects.

It's on my list; it might be done.


  1. A wonderful post idea! The only bad part about it, was that it wasn't longer :) I also think the, curves, the softness, the flare of the cheeks, the power residing under the silk and specifically the female bottom might be the key to this ever-present kink we have.

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  3. wow i agree the spanks on a bottie too ,love to hear girls talk spanks to us ,love and spanks from tim xx

  4. Right there with you, I have always been ass and legs over boobs, always. Though that's not to say I don't notice them too :-)

  5. I like it all, but particularly the bottom. Women have lovely shapes!


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