April 28, 2010


I am showered, shaved, corseted and perfumed, awaiting your arrival. Your phone call just announced that you are running late. I must wait more.

What joys will tonight bring? To what depths will you take me this time? And will I be strong enough to offer the submission that you deserve and desire?

Maybe your hands will be soft in my hair, releasing it from its updo. Or perhaps you will roughly grab the nape of my neck and force me downward so I may gaze upward.

My body still bears slight marks from our last encounter. Will you run your fingertips over them, admiring your work? Bend to kiss them, acknowledging the ownership they proclaim?

I anxiously await you. This journey, these gifts we give one another, they are what I knew I wanted and needed. Following the soft whispers of my submission, I am eager to explore more and travel the road untraveled with you as my leader, your voice firm yet reassuring in guidance.

(Artwork by Kami Tora.)


  1. Damn....lol

  2. Anticipation can be a wonderful thing, wickedly so in the control of your Dom. Linking a hint to the future through the marks left behind from the recent past. I'm sure that your preparations sparked his imagination.

  3. In this situation, anticipation would be nice.


  4. Yes, I live for anticipation. And a warm, pink bottom. And everything in between.

  5. Great post! Love to read your blog.

  6. Thank you, Mistress Danielle!


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