April 12, 2010

In the open

I must own this button.

It could be my not-so-secret badge that some would consider tongue-in-cheek. Others would have no concept of "nipple clamps". Others would know and, perhaps, share the sentiment.

If I worked at TGIF, it could be a piece of flair. (Do they still do that, a la "Office Space"?) I would wear it next to my "Plays well with others" button to make the picture even clearer.

Realistically, it's not a flag I'm yet willing, if ever, to wave publicly. There's a satisfaction in keeping secrets.


  1. Nipple clamps are just a temporary substitute for teeth.

  2. A poor substitute indeed, but can also help with the fun if the tongue and teeth are otherwise employed or absent at the time. A great way to remind a sub just who is in charge!


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