April 17, 2010


I consider myself to be fairly self-aware and self-actualized; I've always been confident of who I am and what I'm worth (although those feelings have waxed and waned, particularly over the last year).

But today, I am more in tune with the quiet part in me left undisturbed until now. Although I'd like to give credit to myself in awakening that part, it would not be entirely true.

Credit where credit is due, right?

To be seen for who you are, to be understood better than you understand yourself, is a gift. I feel the tight fist I've kept over my heart unfurling once again, but this time it's safer. Safer, but not entirely safe: no risk, no reward. And, even though I'm a Libra, I haven't dusted off the scales and measured which is greater, the risk or the reward. But I'm betting and hoping that the rewards will far outweigh.

I understand I'm speaking in cloaked phrases, intangible descriptions. But it's a simple as this: I am awake now. And the reality is so much better, so much more vibrant, grittier, than the ideal.

So thank you to luck, fortune, kismet, coincidence, or whatever placed me in the right place and in the right hands at this particular moment in time. I am awake now, but still dreaming.


  1. I know this was a couple of months ago now, how's the heart? Still safe?

  2. It's never entirely safe, is it?

  3. No but there are definitely degrees of safety and the relativity of the current situation


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