April 19, 2010

My most excellent shopping adventure

I swear I do more than shop. But in between appointments today, I popped into a store I rarely, if ever, enter. (Little story about road rage in between, in which I actually yelled "dick fucker", two words I have never combined before in my life. Today's vocabulary lesson provided by the bozo who nearly sideswiped me.)

The store: Burlington Coat Factory. My mission: success!

Did you know that they have corsets for $9.99? Corsets! For $9.99! And, surprisingly, they were not made of material that will make my sensitive skin break out in hives.

They also had the famed Playboy one-piece, drop-seat pjs, which I have had my eye on for months and months. *Sigh...It was as I suspected: they are not designed for a long-framed woman such as myself. But at least I know now and can cross them off my list. But really, they have them for $14.99 and they are as cute in person as online.

So what did I walk out of there with, besides my renewed mouth-of-a-sailor? Some sassy lingerie, hot heels, and a new plaid skirt, all for under $30. Who says a lady can't be cheap AND dirty?

(Ankle cuffs available at http://www.northbound.com.)


  1. Shopping trip!!!! *grabs purse and runs out the door*

  2. I think we need to see the outfit modlled!


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