April 4, 2010


In the past, I'd always been somewhat hesitant in embracing the thinner, whippier implements such as the crop, cane, and switch.

But recently I was paid a surprise visit by a crop.

I can safely say that I have met my match. I may have a high tolerance; I may be stingy with the tears; I may display a false bravada. But this crop was the great equalizer, and was not even administered with much force.

Did I love it? I am loathe to love it. So, that's a "yes, Sir".

I still prefer my old stand-bys, but this adds an extra oomph to the toy box.

You can purchase yours at: http://www.countywhips.uk.com/.

This is a child's riding crop, measuring an approximate 24" of leather-bound glory.

I highly recommend this for the uninitiated looking to dabble with their more experienced partners.

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