April 19, 2010

Hot for teacher

Imagine opening your door to an adult schoolgirl, contrite and ready to be taught the lessons she's been missing for, oh, 5 days. Imagine that schoolgirl nervously turning her feet inward and pulling her bottom lip into a bite that is at once seductive and innocent. Imagine her playing with the bottom of her skirt, wondering how much you can see and what the neighbors are thinking.

Why am I having you imagine this? Because that will be me today. Around 6:30 pm, with my uniform freshly pressed yet inevitably wrinkled from the hour-long drive.

It's so good to be a girl about to be spanked!


  1. Ooooooo we definitely need to know how this one worked out??

  2. My post "Giddy-up" describes some of what happened later...


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