April 7, 2010


As a belated Easter present to myself (and a sure sign that my soul is in peril), I spent some time today shopping around for some helpful additions to my toy collection. The folks at babeland.com never disappoint.

Here is a product that will revolutionize the online dating world! REVOLUTIONIZE, I say.

It's the Clone-a-Willy! You can make an exact replica of your cock and send it to anyone in the world! "Craft night has never been so fun" when the molding materials, silicone powder and slimline vibe come together to form your custom, vibrating cock.

And for those ladies out there who prefer variety without the guilt, what better way to immortalize their partners' cocks for a little rainy day pick-me-up? Whether she's feeling like it's a Joe, or a Steve, or an Enrique kind of a night, Clone-a-Willy to the rescue.

Or perhaps you're more like me, and one cock is enough, keep it in the bedside table and when the need arises, "hello, Benjamin." It certainly would be more meaningful than my current fav, B.o.b. (Battery Operated Boyfriend), although I hesitate to disparage him and his fine work in recent dryer months.

Start adding to your cock collection or to that of a deserving friend in need here: http://store.babeland.com/dildos-silicone-realistic/clone-a-willy-kit.

Christmas will be here before we know it!

Author's note: I do not view cocks as commodities. Nor do I know a Joe, a Steve, an Enrique, or a Benjamin. B.o.b., however, is quite real.


  1. You may need a patent for your idea of revolutionizing the online dating world! Great post.

  2. I believe this is from the same group who used to offer: "Grow your own dope, plant a blond" :-)

  3. In simpler, blonde-friendly terminology, it boils down to "Grow your own joint."

  4. Thanks to NewShoes for this:


    The Clone-A-Willy at work. Just in case anyone was wondering. ;)

  5. There are actually a couple of replicas of me out there in the wide world :-) Such a slut Dom I am

  6. How generous of you, Supercock!


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