April 19, 2010

The Dom factor

What's with that Dom? Always telling me what to do..."yes, Sir", "no, Sir", "please, Sir". Just who does he think he is anyway?

Does he think it makes me hot to have me kneel at his feet, kiss his hand, and then press my lips to his jeans to welcome his cock? Does he think it makes me wet to stand with my hands clasped behind my head as he teases, licks, and tortures my nipples? Does he think I lose my breath when he slips his fingers into my unzipped pants to check the closeness of my shave?

He thinks exactly that. And he knows, with absolute certainty and irrefutable proof, that he is right.

But really, what's an independent, strong woman like me doing with someone who would be considered by mainstream society to be "overbearing", "controlling", and "sadistic" behind closed doors?

It's in the way that I feel, the lightness that accompanies the relinquishing of my control. It's the ability to be forgiveably directionless for the few hours when I'm with him--my direction is his, his desires match my own. It's in the safety of his arms as he holds me afterwards while I make my funny, happy noises (i.e. snoring contentedly).

He withholds while he gives; forbids while he allows me everything.

The "Dom factor", which I've tried to ignore but keep coming back to, is a force that once enjoyed is irreplaceable. My Dom's factor is the strongest force I have yet felt.

And, oh my goodness, we're just beginning.


  1. I just love your blog! It gets better and better. I totally recognize these feelings, but I'd add a few:

    -Isn't it delicious when your Dom says, Come here NOW! or when you say something naughty and he says WHAT?! and makes you repeat it, knowing what will happen?

    -Isn't it divine when your Dom looks at you and approves of your body, relishes it, claims it as his, and you are glad he took it before you could offer it to him yourself?

    -Isn't it mind-swirlingly awesome when your Dom makes you feel like you are the centre of his existence when you are constantly reminding him that he is the centre of yours?

    When the power play works best, it is like a dream, a beat echoing across cliffs, and then the bass beat coming up swiftly from behind, and sweeping your feet out from underneath you. It is an ability to touch each other deep in the soul, to feel each other's spasm, each other's ripples across the steamy waters of love.

    You're a lucky girl if you've got a Dom like that.

  2. Goodness gracious! -- BarelyPink and Anonymous, you have both sent shivers running through me -- well said and wonderfully true :)

  3. Yes, I second that "well said" statement, Rayne, about Anon's comment. Phew. I need a cold shower.


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