April 2, 2010

Eight notes

So far our actions have not covered new territory. I have been spanked with all of the implements you have chosen. I have been fucked. I have been made to beg. You have seen the reddening of cheeks, gazed upon a face between your legs, pulled hair, twisted nipples, withheld orgasms, and created scenes beyond the realm of my vast imagination.

And yet...

When it is I with you, over your knee, over the couch, over a stack of pillows, we set our own unique rhythm. Our own beat. When it is I with you, the carpet pressing curlycues into my knees, my breasts meeting your hands, my forehead kissing your sternum, we set our own instrumental.

It is the same eight notes, you say. But with different lyrics. Different tempo. Different voice.

When it is you with me, me with you, our hands, mouths, feet move together over old territory and find new ground. Our dance. Our song.

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  1. This is a wonderful expression, don't change a single note.

  2. Thank you for the inspiration.


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