April 20, 2010


So many of my friends and online acquaintances have asked: why a blog?

Last night, after being asked this question for the seventy-second time (okay 7th), I decided that perhaps I should have a better answer than, "I've always wanted to blog." Why have I always wanted it? What do I get out of baring myself with my words, as opposed to just baring myself to my spanker?

Answer: I'm tired of lying.

I feel the need to cast my truth into the blogosphere to an unknown audience rather than share it with my vanilla friends and family. I want to explore my submissive feelings in a safe way, free of stigma and recrimination. And I want to have fun doing it, enjoying who I am and embracing the shadowy part that was long ignored during my failed marriage.

Will my online friends find themselves in my blog? (Another question from some worried folk.) Perhaps they will appear in fragments; they are a part of my story. But to those I care about (and there are many), I promise to be gentle and respectful. This is not an endeavor to out other people because they have a right to tell their stories (or not) in their own ways.

Also, before I share any intimately revealing details about the people currently in my life, I offer a review of my post before it goes "public". And it's my pledge to attempt respect towards people I am no longer in contact with, or at least keep the anonymity in the absence of warmth.

Is this my way of getting attention? Do I really expect my words to hold meaning for other people? To be honest, neither is my goal. If I get positive attention, awesome. If my blog helps someone along their journey, then I'd be happy to know that. But this blog is for ME.

You can only be so selfless before you become less of yourself. And, after years of denying what I really wanted and who I really was, I'm ready for all of the pieces of me to come together again.


  1. Here's to hoping you find (and reveal) what you need on the way to discovering you. I'll look forward to looking in on you every now and then.

  2. Please do! And thanks for checking out my blog!

  3. I hope you have as much fun with your blog as we've had with ours over the years.

    Like you, we started blogging for ourselves, as an outlet for our spanking creativity: it's subsequently led us to make countless new friends. Some of our readers have , I know, have been helped "along their journey" too, something which delights me and also makes me rather proud.

    Anyway: delighted to have found yours, and looking forward to reading more in the months and years (yep, once started, it's hard to stop!) to come.

  4. It is addictive, this baring of the soul, isn't it?

    And I hope to never run out of material...

    Love your blog, btw. Happy you found mine!


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