June 27, 2010

Parts of the whole

"You are not only mine to spank, to fuck, to use as I please, but you are also mine to pamper and care for in any way I see fit."

He lifted the sponge from the water and dragged it across her clavicle and down between her breasts before it disappeared below the foam again, only to be felt sliding beneath her navel to stop above her mound.

"If I want to take you over my knee I need no reason. If I want you to suck my cock you need no explanation. If you want to cum you need my permission. Understood?"

The rippling water as she moved her head had to suffice as an answer because at that moment his finger plunged into her, robbing her of coherent speech.

"This is mine," he growled, pushing deeper. His other hand spread her legs and reached under her to grab her bottom, "And this..." His fingers trailed upward to tease her left nipple to a peak. "This, and this," whispering now, he pinched her right nipple.

"All of these parts, they are mine to touch, to tease, to pleasure and punish. Understood?" He asked again, this time withdrawing his hands from her body to allow for a response.

"Yes, Sir, understood. And thank you," she said her lips matching the smile in her eyes.

"Good. Now on to your bath. Would you like more bubbles?"

(Artwork by Boris Vallejo.)


  1. *deep sigh and longing*

    I want to jump into this story. I want to be HER in the bathtub.

    One day, I pray...


    btw...very nice heart-shaped buns on that woman in the photo, bite-able buns for sure.

  2. Thanks, Hedone! I love this artist and have used his work once before.

    To be honest, I was hesitant about posting this as it deviates from my lighter posts. But it was definitely a worthy experience and grew hotter yet after the bath.


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