September 11, 2010

Flexibility and Confidence

I recently completed an online assessment for a potential employer. I scored to the far right of the curve on every test (an excellent thing), except for one.

According to the assessment, I am entirely too flexible, scoring on the far left. And I have an over-inflated sense of self, which suggests the computer knows what my sense of self should be. (I think I am appropriately impressed and dismayed with myself as the situation warrants, but that could just be my inflation talking.)

What if I had batted my eyes and said, "My Dom appreciates that flexibility. He knows I'm up for anything. Anything. Even if I think I'm too good for it."

Yeah. I might not have gotten the job. Or...perhaps a pay increase would have been in order?


  1. Definitely, a pay increase is in order.

  2. Weird that it hasn't made the list of job search negotiating skills. Seems like a no-brainer.

    Thanks, BT! Hope you're enjoying your weekend!

  3. Pink, are you flexible for lunch? My over inflated self would like to negotiate giving you a *raise*.

  4. D: You drive a hard bargain. Perhaps we can schedule a "lunch" like we had last Thursday and resume our negotiations? I have additional points of interest that were untouched by our last discussion.


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