September 1, 2010

Going Green

Tip for going green:

Dry your panties by hand. Wring out the panties first, otherwise it will take far too long (and although you may not lose interest, you may lose stamina).

Put on the damp panties. Assume the position, and have your "hand-dryer" start spanking vigorously.

After about 20 minutes, the back of your panties should be fairly dry. But the gusset? Hmm...wetter than ever. And maybe not so clean anymore.

Repeat the process until you achieve favorable results.

I'm unsure of this method for other articles of clothing; in fact, I doubt it would work so well.

As conscientious citizens, we all must do our part, however small. The Earth will thank you for it.


  1. good advice; very eco minded.
    I think you have an ulterior motive, though.
    That's okay, save the earth, might as well enjoy.

  2. Pink,

    When did you start wearing underwear?

  3. Love it, excellent advice. Pictures perfect.


  4. BT: Ulterior motive? Nah. :)

    D: Shhh...people might get the wrong idea.

    Ronnie: Thank you! Just doing my part!

  5. Love it. I go green.


  6. Way to take one for the team, Hedone. :)

  7. excellent material, I guess pink is the new pink right?

  8. thebigpow: Hello, and welcome! ;) Pink is definitely the new pink...and red...and sometimes purple. But for the eco-minded, pink is the new green. Good to see you here!

    (BTW, I read your post on how to give good BJs...nice! You should write more!)


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