September 7, 2010

Balancing Acts

Things are changing.

It is the end of summer and the beginning of my favorite season. My schedule is also shifting from free-spirited independence to one of structure. I have a self-imposed bedtime now. I have places to be, people who I need to account to. I'm operating more in the "real world" than I have in a long time and it's an exercise in balance.

I've always sucked at balancing. (My Wii Fit wonders how I manage walking.) I tend to go full throttle, throw myself fully into the next challenge and forget the obsessions of days past.

But there is one obsession I will not forget. He was not the person I was looking for. He was the dark older man, a former Disciplinarian who really wasn't looking for me either. This is more than spanking. This is more than D/s. I can't not be with him, regardless of our conflicting schedules.

I am his. And he has assured me that it is all right if I call him mine. My disciplinarian. My Dom. My boyfriend (although that word seems silly and I refuse to say "man friend" as it makes me giggle and I immediately think of "man root", pervert that I am).

We are not just casual elements in each others' lives. He is not just another of my growing obligations; nor am I his. We choose, every day, to make the time, to keep the connection, to constantly reaffirm our value to one another.

And even if I have to drive an hour between appointments to plant myself over his lap for 15 minutes while he works from home, it will be done. How's that for balance?

BTW, I just noticed in the last picture a woman behind the man, holding up something that looks suspiciously like a plant in the corner. A human topiary? Interesting.


  1. THIS is so important whether in close proximity or not:
    "We choose, every day, to make the time, to keep the connection, to constantly reaffirm our value to one another."

    Can you do photo number 1? (giggle)

  2. Wow! You both are really falling for each other, or rather we're witnessing you two on the floor of devotion. I do love reading about it, so keep up the good work.

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  4. Pink,

    Be a good thoroughbred and fetch the riding crop for this old dark horse, it's time to feed our addiction to each other.

  5. D: The crop? Horses like carrots. I think you should try spanking me with one of those instead.

    (In case anyone misunderstands, we do not actually engage in horse play. Not that there's anything wrong with that...just not our cuppa.)

  6. I'm suffering from extreme blonde moments today!

    Hedone: I think photo #1 piqued his interest. We shall try but I anticipate some smashed toes in the process.

    Traci: Yeah, I think you're right. :) We are "on the floor of devotion". I like that!

    BT: I saw what you said. And thank you; it IS a good thing. I think.


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