September 8, 2010

I spanked a girl

And I liked it.

It was on "the list". And it was done. I might even do it again.

But that doesn't make me a top. I compare it to a girl kissing another girl -- it doesn't make her a lesbian. It might just mean that she wanted to, that she has an appreciation for girls' lips and was curious to know what men felt when they kissed her. Or at least that's my story.

I have an appreciation for girls' bottoms. I admit this.

That's not to say that a fine male ass doesn't turn me on. His powerful, clenching muscles, as opposed to her full, round softness, stir altogether different emotions in me: raw lust, an instinct to grind and grab, to drag my nails across them. The male buttocks bring to mind words like "thrust" and "drive" and "pummel".

Conversely, I see a woman's bottom and I just want to pet it. Caress it. Smack it lightly with my open palm and then squeeze it and smack it just a bit more. And then when I am done, I want to rub lotion on it as one might rub lotion on her legs after a bath, kneading it until all the white streaks have been absorbed.

I would never actually go so far as to say that I am a "switch". I much prefer being on the bottom and I know that I would make a lousy spanker -- too soft. I'm more like a butt masseuse, if there were such a thing.

But, damn, you tops sure have a lovely view.


  1. I'm glad you had a fun time. Sounds hot! :)

  2. Damn you! Some of us tops need a girl to spank and you're hogging them.

    You need a spanking.


  3. Where do I sign up? I want a spanking.

    Better yet, I'd love to spank you!


  4. Nice pictures...that is funny when you said you were a butt masseuse i instantly thought of Hedone...she loves touching and massage...hmmm there is a hot little

  5. Pink, don't take it wrong when I say it's in my nature to look down on you. I never get tired of the view from the top.

    Kudos on that last picture,too! It inspires a whole new way of thinking about ways to park my bicycle.

  6. Oh Pink, you've outdone yourself yet again. Wonderful pictures and a very sexy post!

  7. Command: People who look down on their charges don't deserve them.

    Funny, I thought you looked up to Pink. Guess you must be standing on a really big pile of chauvinist shit.

    But please don't take that the wrong way. ;)

  8. Heather B: It was a lot of fun. You know, girl therapeutic!

    A: I am no girl hog, I assure you! I was just warming her up for you. I swear.

    H: I've said it before, and I'll say it again, I'd let you. And I'd be happy to return the favor!

    HMG: I knew I'd heard that somewhere before. I should have known it was from the ever sexy Hedone! I should not tell you that it took ages to find that lotion picture. Amazing what other gems (and atrocities) I found when searching for "lotion bum".

    Command: Funny...that picture reminds me more of dune buggies than bikes. And keep that Harley away from my rear, please and thank you.

    FH: Recognize that first photo? You sent it to me ages ago...I knew I'd use it! :)

    Anony: Thank you for your concern but it is entirely unjustified in this situation. You don't know me, but I assure you that I am not the type of woman to stand for "chauvinist shit". I suspect Command will be along shortly to clarify his statement and reassure you that the only "looking down" on me that he does is when I am over his knee. But thank you, really. There may be a fair number of women who require saving, but I am not among them. :)

  9. anony: Command here, perhaps you misunderstand my sense of humor. My view of Pink's bottom is usually from the time honored OTK position. For me to look up to her, I'd have to hold her over my head to literally look up to her!

    I like her blog, I hope you do too. Either way, my suggestion would be to direct your comments towards her posts instead of the readers who comment on them. Feel free to take this any way you want!

  10. We had a great minds moment! I understand every word that you say! :)

  11. Poppy, we seem to be doing that a lot lately! I'm happy you understand it, too. Girls are just so pretty.

  12. Command: Thanks for clarifying. Phew. Sorry I took it that way, it's just that in this scene, you certainly get guys who pose as tops to put women down. I didn't get the impression from this blog that you and Pink are like that, but I guess I'm sensitive to these issues, because as Pink says in her comment, lots of girls get into unsafe places.

    Pink: I'm such a fan of yours! So much so that I wanted to come to your defense! Because although I don't know what you look like (when will we get to see what must be that lovely ass of yours?), I have a bit of a girl crush on you myself! Your writing is so enchanting, so full of imagery, so vivid, and both forthright and classy, a combo that evades many.

    So Command: I will do as you suggested and post my replies directly to Pink herself, ok? Lesson learned! :)

  13. Anony: Well now you've gone and made me blush. Thank you for your amazing words of support!

    And I'm happy to put that misunderstanding behind us. :)

  14. Love the photos... and I agree that men get the better view when spanking a woman.

  15. Red: Welcome to my blog! I do love examining the carpet though. That convenience must not be overlooked. :)

    Thanks for commenting!


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