October 31, 2010

Paid in full

I'm inviting you into D's and my bedroom; I imagine you hiding in the closet with our knowledge, our inner exhibitionistic natures complementing your secret voyeur within.

You cannot see us. We cannot see you. But this is for you, the readers of The Pink Report, as a result of LOL Day.

The first part is pure fun. D delivers nearly 300 firm, yet playful, spanks to my pantied and then bared bottom as I read each commenter's name.

Now things turn a little more serious while addressing the number of comments I left on the LOL Day post -- D introduces the strap. I love leather, but this thick, thuddy implement makes its bruising impact after only a few strokes, much less 32. It was for this reason that D restrained my hands and legs during this portion of the spanking.

As you're listening to this recording, please keep in mind that D and I always have a safeword in place in case things get to be too much. At no time did I want to end this strapping, even though my voice grows plaintive pretty early on. (I have a difficult time listening to this portion of the spanking simply because it sounds as if I'm not enjoying it -- I assure you, I was.)

Near the end of the clip, you will hear a 'swish' of the cane as D reappears in the bedroom. It was time to pay my debt for another infraction, off the record. But that's for another post entirely.

I am suddenly shy now.

Thank you, once again, for the tremendous response to LOL Day. When I began this blog, I had no idea how important you readers would become to me. In just seven months, The Pink Report has seen over 100,000 visitors, attained 121 followers, and has taken on a life of its own.

You, my readers, are what keeps this blog alive. Thank you.

All photos found at Doonstar, original sources unknown.


  1. Oh my, you have a sweet voice! If I'd known, I'd have made more comments just to hear my name spoken. ;) The strapping sounded delicious.

    Best wishes from here in your closet.

    I hope you had a wonderful, warm-bottomed day, and thanks so much for sharing.

  2. Excellent snips. Great voices.

  3. Very nice Pink. Thanks for sharing! Very sexy voice by the way.

  4. Brett B, thank you! I can assure you that this is a spanking (and caning) that I will most likely be feeling for days. It's a great way to start the day!

    B'Man, thank you and thanks for being my 122nd follower! :)

    PMP, thanks...you have no idea how many times I've contemplated removing this. The exhibitionist is battling with the "good girl". So far exhibitionism wins.

  5. Smokin' hot voices...and, Pink, dare I say that you showed your inner brat with the "math wizard" comment?

    If one were so inclined, a little mouth soaping wouldn't have been out of line.

    Delightful hearing you two and putting a voice to all these wonderful words.

  6. Pink! Wow -- I can't believe I missed LOL Day! :) I could have given you 4 more! lol :D Although I don't really know whether I would have had the heart, anyway... *grin* :D

  7. OutSTANDING recording. Great idea, Pink. I trust it will become an annual event.

  8. Wonderful recording, Pink! The quality was great and it's really cute the way you two play off each other. And I echo the previous comments: you have a very sexy voice!

  9. I hope everyone enjoyed listening in to *math wizard* Pink's debt being paid!

  10. Anony, this girl is not "so inclined" toward mouth soaping. :) Besides, I WAS right about the count...I could have perhaps said it a bit differently, but I was under duress!

    Rayne!!! Where have you been? I MISS you! HUGS, hope all is well and it is quite alright that you didn't add another 4. ;)

    Hieronymus, I owe you an apology...I did forget to say your name! I'm sorry! But I'm happy you nonetheless enjoyed the recording!

    Dioneo, D & I do have good chemistry, both in spanking and in other things. I'm happy that it was displayed for people.(Although I'm still somewhat uncertain about having my voice, sexy or no, featured so prominently!)

    D, my debt plus one. ;) But you can give me however many you'd like, of course!

    Thanks for commenting, everyone! (And for listening to the sorta long recording.)

  11. *pouts*

    I can not get the files to play for me. I even went to the esnips site to trouble shoot.

  12. Nevermind. I switched browsers and WOW. Delicious. I think I will have to share this with my Sir. (I don't often do that, as I'm kind of greedy with the time I get with Him.)

  13. Oh, I'm happy you got it to work, radanols girl. I do hope I pronounced your name correctly -- my mind was not on pronunciation, as you can probably understand. :)

    Please, do share, although I understand about making the most of the time you spend together. It makes me happy (and embarrassed in a good way) to think that people are enjoying D's and my recording.

    I've also been remiss in thanking D for his part in this LOL Day. He was such an awesome participant -- eager, really -- and so supportive of this. Thanks, love.

  14. Thank you for sharing Pink, delicious and such lovely voices.


  15. Pink I love your voice. Soothing and sexy.

    The audio was a real treat. Each smack made my pussy jump.

    Hearing Miss Pink get breathless, draw her breath in when it really hurts drove me wild.

    I love the things D says to you.

    Thank you two for this wonderful treat!

    Even your giggles are sexy Miss Pink.

    D thanks for making my second spankings make b.p purr with pain. Hotness!!

    The "anonymous" commenter who needed to hear this had a great idea didn't she? *wink*

    *Gulp* I had no idea you would receive spankings for commenting to our comments. Foul! Or maybe we should have read the fine print. :o

    Miss Pink, the thought of you restrained is delicious. Love the photo, too.


  16. Ronnie, it took all of my courage to share this. But making the recording was so, so easy (and more fun than we'd had in awhile)!

    Hedone, thank you for commenting so frequently on that day! I owe ya. ;)

    I'm not one to question D (yes, I am) but the extras for my comments actually turned out to be my favorite part. Restraints and a strap... mmm. What could be better?

    The concentration he shows while restraining me is so sexy. He takes care to ensure the restraints aren't too tight, his head bent as he gives the task his complete focus, proving that even restraining someone can be an act of tenderness. Love it.



  17. Pink, wow... first let me say how proud I am of you for not going back and removing the post, I know it's hard! Second, holy wowzers... that was hot! Thank you for sharing it with us!

    *Sticking her head in the freezer..and leaving you hugs...* xoxo

    baby girl cricket

  18. Wow!
    Sorry I missed LOL day - i would have loved to add another 4 although i think you probably had enough!!!!
    LOVE your voice and as for the murmers, mews and catches of breath when things got hot, indescribably sexy.
    I would have loved to see the colour of your bottom after this spanking..........Barely Pink??? I think not, probably VERY RED!!!!!
    Very brave of you to do this and to put it up.
    Thank you.

    ps Love your blog

  19. Cricket, I owe a lot of yesterday's tenderness to you, my dear. :) And I am eternally grateful.

    Anony, I was very, very red. Especially after the firm strapping that D administered. Although done in fun, it was definitely a REAL spanking! Thanks for reading -- I really appreciate it!

  20. Holy hotness Batman! My goodness... I thoroughly enjoyed this post.. thanks ever so much for sharing :-) And I agree with everyone else.. you have the sweetest voice Pink!

  21. Oh, thank you, sierra! I'm happy, if not a little embarrassed, that you enjoyed it! (Knowing that people are listening totally makes me blush in a hot way.)



  22. Paid in full and with a lovely accompanying soundtrack. A woman of your word, Pink. Thank you. :)

  23. Thank you, Michael. Embarrassment and shyness aside, it was rather fun. :)

  24. This is awesome, Pink! So much of it had me laughing and squirming....
    I think you were right about the count. I would have voted in your favor. :)
    It all seemed really really natural. Not over the top and not boring. Perfect.
    Thank you for letting us hear.

  25. Bonnie-jo, I was absolutely right about the count! (I actually am a card-carrying member of the Math Wizard Club.)

    It was fairly natural, aside from reading people's names. We rarely do that. ;)

    Thanks for listening! (I'm ducking my head again.)



  26. OMG PINK! This was just priceless! I loved getting to hear your precious voices, and frankly.. I somehow feel like I know you and "D" personally right now! (giggles)

    Both of you have wonderful attention holding voices! Yours has a sweet, lyrical, innocent quality about it.. and along with the adorable wise crackin' you managed to slip in utilizing super-imp form I might add (!) that placed you at the top of the "IMP QUEUE" for me! LOL

    And "D's" voice?? (*faints!*) OMFG! If that isn't a Dom/Top who's voice could melt a herd of incorrigible imps into submissive puddles in under 3 seconds.. I don't know who's voice could do it faster! Not to coin a cliched phrase.. But DAYUM "D"! "You had me at Hello---oops..err.. I mean.. "Ask me that again"!

    Ya knooooow...(beware: "alpha mind at work!") we should all have some fun with this innovative idea of yours! I say we get all our blogger friends together (You, me, Erica, Season, Bonnie, my darling little blogger friend Ella, and any of the other bloggers that want to participate.. and then hold some sort of little blog contest! We could call it something like .. "The Pink Capers!"

    The 1st place winner of course.. being the one with the most comments on their blog! And that person records receiving 4 swats per comment (by hand)! 2nd place records receiving 3 swats (leather paddle), 3rd place records receiving 2 swats (wooden paddle) and 4th place records 1 swat (by strap or crop)! -> or something to that effect!

    I'm going to send my Top in Chicago over here to read (LISTEN) to your blog... cause I think I just found us a real fun outlet for just ourselves if a contest never comes into play. And this would be especially fun for him.. since he's not able to show his face in pics or video .. but his voice would be great for me to have to listen to at any time since he's so many states away from me! My Tops voice melts me to a puddle as I can see "D's" voice does to you! AND I don't know one IMP that doesn't just looooooove a good challenge .. not to mention.. a fun way to involve our readers! ♥


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