October 1, 2010

To my lover

The only way to tell you this is with my panties at mid-thigh.

Do you see the beauty mark that hides beneath the roundness of this cheek?

Yes, that one.

That is yours.

Do you see the way my thighs kiss together just above my panties and then part to form a Y?

Trace the space with your fingers.

That space between is yours.

And these thighs that hold so much power?

These thighs that know no yielding, no rest throughout the day, yield to you.

They are yours, too.

And the way my bottom flares from my hips like an upside-down heart?

When I'm over your knees, it is righted, a heart made for you to color to your desired hue -- any shade of pink or red will do.

Yes, my bottom is yours, too.

I want to say more but the only way to tell you is with my hips across your knees...


  1. Pink, Your gift of ownership is truly rewarding, a deliciously savory delight to all my senses.

    This evening, when you come to me, I will lower your panties myself and speak to you from the heart.

  2. Pink:
    You know the way to your readers heart and soul. This is beautiful.
    Rachel & aj

  3. beautiful words and great photos. loved it

  4. D, our evening was delayed but it is still all yours -- today, tomorrow or next month. Although I don't think I can wait until next month. Just so you know.

    Rachel & aj, nice to meet you! Thank you, you made me smile.

    Red, happy to entertain. Thanks! :)

  5. Thank you, Raven, and welcome to my blog!

  6. Wonderful, erotic, beautiful.

  7. Thank you, Poppy! And thanks for the nomination, too. I truly appreciate your support.

  8. very nicely written.

  9. Jeff, nice to have you here! And thank you!

  10. My gawd you are good! Good at expressing...good at writing...good at saying so much of what I feel, have experienced, need.

    Thank you for this blog b.p.


  11. Aww...thanks, H. I am thrilled that the words I write hold meaning to you. There is no greater compliment.


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