October 31, 2010

Discipline her: a blog worth note

If you haven't yet discovered the new blog, Discipline Her, Life as a college spankee, written by Tiffany Scarlet, you must check it out. Like now. Hurry.

Tiffany made a deeply moving video featuring the song "Cry, cry, cry" performed by Fiora Cutler, written and composed by Colin Farish.

I know that I should be glad
that even when I'm bad
you're there,
in your chair,
for me to say "sorry"
and you can forgive me.
I confess
as I undress
to cry upon your knee.
I'm gonna cry, cry, cry.

-Colin Farish, performed by Fiora Cutler

Beautiful song. Beautiful video from a promising new blogger. Go pop over and welcome Tiffany to the blogosphere!

Oh yeah, and that is her on the video. Cute and talented, no?

Instead of commenting here, why don't you go over there and show her some love?


  1. I love love LOVE this video. So moving! I already dropped a comment on her blog as well -- quite the talented writer!

  2. Thank you for sharing this Miss Pink.

    P.S. I like her thighs.

  3. Erica, it is a really well-written and entertaining blog. There are a whole new crop (excuse the pun) of fantastic bloggers, Tiffany among them.

    Hedone, she is so, so cute! :)

    Thanks for giving her some support! I want her to make more videos so I'd like to see her get some fabulous feedback. (Selfish, aren't I?)

  4. Good for you Pink, helping to promote new "talent".

  5. KFG, Her blog is definitely worthy of promotion! Happy to do for her what so many have done for me. :)

  6. I will, I will but I wanted to say thanks to you first :)


  7. Yey, Ronnie! :) I know comments means so much to us bloggers, especially those of us just starting out. Thanks for helping!



  8. Amazing video, almost haunting in its beauty and meaning. Thank you so much for the tip, Pink, and I will pop over to Tiffany's site.

  9. Thanks for the link Pink (hey that rhymes). Great Find!

  10. Michael and PMP, you're welcome! That video was so smartly done. If you like her blog you should consider adding it to your blogrolls. :)

  11. its inevitablle that such a site will be asking for money...and if u read far enough u will discover that she wantts u to pay to enter, later, a subscription website. These vids r nothing but teasers. College student my ass. How many 18 yr olds willingly let themselves be spanked by middle aged men? All of the,m-in my fantasy life and in the fantasy life of gullible idiots who give these charlatans money, because they want it to be true. Tiffany' is really just advertising and more likely a spanking 'actress', I use the term lightly...but then again to the morons who buy into it...go right ahead...its your money.

  12. Anony, I can see your point. The video is still beautiful and her blog, whether it's fantasy or not, paints an intriguing picture. But I won't be subscribing to the website. :)


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