October 3, 2010


I wake up in the cocoon of his comforter, the well-washed softness of the sheets caressing my naked body, the heat from my bottom like a warming brick in the bed.

I remember how it started, when I was placed over his lap and he began the slow beat against my bared cheeks; I remember kicking my feet as he increased the heat with the paddle.

And then I remember...intangibles. Everything was at a distance. My body and mind surrendered to him as he took me to El Dorado, the Lost City of Gold. His voice, soothing and faraway, recalled as a kiss to the forehead -- reassuring and kind, as if he wanted to tell me something.

Look at what I can show you. Look where I can take you if you permit me.
Look at the golden magnificence, shining its offering, laid at your feet.
Listen to the thunder; smell the washed air, crisp and impossibly alive with electricity.



There is no need to measure time, but it feels as though I was gone for hours before I feel his lips press against my nose, his hand cupping my face, his breath tickling my ear and neck.

Prompting me to open my eyes, he whispers for me to see our world as it really is: the dim quiet of his bedroom; the glowing sunlight of early evening fighting through the blinds; and my gold dust-covered King shimmering beside me, my souvenir from El Dorado.


  1. Stunning! A golden piece of prose poetry and your choice of visual art complements it marvelously.

  2. Yes, Miss Pink, I am floored by the beauty of your transcendence.

    It's as if you've captured that lost time...

    the time, as T.S. Eliot writes:

    "Between the idea and the reality
    Between the motion And the act
    "Between the conception and the creation
    Between the emotion and the response
    "Between the desire and the spasm
    Between the potency and the existence
    Between the essence and the descent"

    Beautiful Pink, yours is the Golden kingdom. Thank you for shining your light into the shadows. :)

    This is the way the spanking ends,
    Not with a howl but a loving sigh.

  3. Beautiful. Everything became quiet within my own soul.

  4. A beautiful arrangement of words. Soothing, provoking, endearing.

    Thank you, lovely lady

  5. Truly wonderful Pink and perfect pictures.


  6. Dioneo: It was certainly a golden moment! Thank you for your compliments!

    Anony: That poem left me speechless -- it is an apt description of subspace. I suspect you have a knack for drawing upon literary reference and that you have a wonderfully beautiful way with words yourself.

    Raven: That is just what I like to hear. Thank you. :)

    Pat: Welcome! ;) I do so enjoy being called "lovely". Keep it coming! And it pleases me that you think of my post this way.

    Ronnie: Thanks! I had the most difficult time finding pics that would complement the experience as it was such an abstract one. Happy that they hit the right note with you!

    Thanks for commenting, everyone! Hope the start of your week has been a good one!


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