October 25, 2010

If she only knew...

The other day my mom and I were discussing a horrible news article, about something I will not mention here, which prompted her to show me exactly where a spanking should take place.

"Here, on the fleshy part and on the undersides of the cheek. NEVER above the tailbone," She instructed, demonstrating first on herself and then, to my horror, on me.

"Ummm....yes, mother."


  1. Aaaaack! My flesh is crawling in sympathy!

  2. It. Was. Mortifying.

    But now I can laugh about it!

  3. Ack! I would crawl under floor and not ever come out. My deepest sympathies!

  4. Judy and Cricket, yes, that was not the time to say "I KNOW, mother. Sheesh!"

    I tried to hide my shock. :)

  5. How awful! And even worse to vaguely imagine that one's mother is actually kinky!


  6. Hermione, I hadn't even thought about that. Now that you mention it...uck. :P

  7. Well, apparently, your mom knows the correct way to spank. Can't fault her for thinking 'safety first'. ;)

  8. That is true, Brett. Come to think of it, she never let me run with scissors, either.

  9. Pink, you should go to your dad now and ask for a 2nd opinion! hehe

  10. I usually admire you for your wisdom, D. This is not one of those times. :P

  11. Lol. Oh boy! It is so hard to avoid awkward situations with our moms.

  12. Moms can be so awkward, yes. My mom was fond of the passing swat when you walked by...and I strongly believe that it had no affect (pro or con) on my spanking kink. :p
    But it's wierd to think about later....
    I laugh at your experience! :)

  13. Well, it is bad enough when thinking that your parents are still eh...doing it? And then it gets confirmed..."because you are old enough now".
    Hmmm, even if I live to the ripe old age of 100, I will not be old enough.
    But I do apologise...I first had a good laugh, and then a sobering thought hit me...one should never say it will not happen to me. Pink, I can only offer you a huge hug, and the shaking that you feel...it is NOT laughter....promise...

  14. Traci, yes, the mother/daughter relationship will be forever fraught with the awkward silence every once in awhile, no matter how close we are to our mothers. There is sometimes just too much information exchanged!

    Bonnie-jo, does she still? That would make me blush to my hairline, much like this scenario did.:)

    Sure, Raven. Your sympathy is astounding. :) And if my parents do it, I hope they do it well. Ouch. That was uncomfortable. Scratch that.

  15. Oops!

    I remember when my mum told me that she had "discovered" Curtseygirl and had secretly been in and read all of my stories and diaries. (In fact my grandmother told her where to find them.)

    Mum's response? "Wow Kirsten, I didn't know you could write like that." Like that? Like what mum. Like I write well, or like I write about...stuff.

    That she was not so bothered, and indeed kind of proud of me, makes me wonder whether my kink is inherited, after all my grandmother had been cheering me on for years.

    Does my daddy ever take my mum and...ew!!!!!

    I live content in the wisdom that as an only child born ten months after my parents married that they stopped having sex when they came home from their honeymoon.

    It has been a very vanilla time in the Ellison household since late 1971.

    (Oh God, please God, make it true! I will be a good girl forever and go to church every week God...)


  16. I agree Pink - that line is so awkward when it is crossed.

    I remember being young and rifling through my mother's drawers for jewellery, as I often did (much to her persistent scolding and disappointment).

    This one day I found a printed How To guide for female submissives. At this point I had not at ALL allowed myself to indulge my own darkness inside and, mortified, I dropped the paper on the floor and fled from the room.

    Looking back now, I wonder if this underlying submissive current runs in the family. And then... I quickly squeeze my eyes and try to force it from my mind.

    So... I share your speechless horror.

  17. Oh Pink, how awful. I would have been spechless. What did you do/say, anything?


  18. Curtseygirl, of course your parents never do it. Their desires were quenched when they achieved you. And, WOW, I am so impressed by your openness to your grandmother and your mother. Your bravery is commendable -- I wish I could be so open. (Or not...it would make Thanksgiving a tad uncomfortable if my family, being my family, knew.)

    Lil, it is so interesting that you found a "How to" guide in your mother's bureau. I prefer to think my own mother isn't even familiar with the term submissive. But I am a fool, I think.

    Ronnie, what could be done? I blushed and agreed and quickly changed the subject, hoping that she did not notice my discomfort. It really came out of nowhere! Later, after the trauma subsided, I laughed about it. :)

    Thanks for all of your comments, everyone!


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