October 6, 2010


Before I met D, he saw me naked.

I'd sent photos of my bottom before, in various poses and hues of pink, covered in panties at first and then, as my courage grew, completely bare. Those photos I'd come to regard as a hand-shake among spankos. "Nice to meet you. Here's my beautiful bum."

I'd sent photos of my breasts at his special request, including one close-up of my right nipple which I'd teased into a peak between my damp fingers.

But this last photo was the most risque of all. I was standing naked except for a thin swatch of black lace covering my pussy, exposed to the man I would soon be meeting. Even though you could not see my face, my shyness was evident in the way my arm curled protectively around my hips and in the slant of my shoulders, at once conveying a mix of self-confidence and vulnerability.

I hit 'send' and nervously waited, realizing that tinged with fear was exhilaration at my audacity. I am, despite my tendency to send photographs of my spanked bottom, a good girl.

I could not believe that I would have taken a virtually fully nude photograph, much less sent it. In shedding my inhibitions, had I become bereft of decency? And, if so, was this a bad thing?

His response came mercifully fast and was full of compliments. "You are beautiful. I can't wait to meet you," he typed quickly over Yahoo Messenger.

I released the breath I hadn't known I'd been holding.

We spankos are visual creatures. I am no different, pouring over photo after photo of women in various stages of undress, draped over couches, knees and tables. We like what we like, whether it's athletic or chubby or lean or curvy. Because D and I were so well matched in every other way and had grown incredibly close in a short amount of time, I wanted reassurance that he would find my physical form as attractive as my words.

The only thing left to discover was how we moved together, if we fit. Would our online chemistry translate to the real thing?

The knowledge that this man whose hand I was shaking for the first time had already seen me naked only added to the sizzle of our first meeting. And, in case you are new to this blog, I am delighted to report that the chemistry was, and still is, most certainly there.


  1. I hope you are feeling better.
    Nice to see you posting.

  2. My first meet is now only three weeks away. My tummy seem to be filled with butterflies..

    And a very happy Birthday to you...may your day be special as what you are


  3. Good to hear the chemistry was there.


  4. Fantastic post!

  5. Pat, I'm ALMOST myself again. Almost. :) Thanks for your funny emails...you're talented at lifting spirits.

    Raven, those butterflies are so delicious, aren't they? My fingers are crossed for you; I'm sure it'll go well -- he seems almost as fantastic as you!

    (And thanks for the bday wishes...I WILL celebrate.)

    FD, it was instantly on.

    FH, thanks! You know all about my hesitancy to share these kinds of pics. :)

  6. I enjoy "seeing" your chemistry in his comments as well as reading the blog posts. So happy for you to have something so wonderful.


    P.S. I think I saw a real pic of your bum in this blog. I'll have to find it and question you. *big grin*


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