October 18, 2010


If I could, I'd wear thigh highs every day.

I'd put them on under my jeans just to know that they are there. I love the feel of them, the tops hugging my skin, the legs whispering against denim, reminding me that my most prized areas are comparatively uncovered, teasing myself with the knowledge that at any time I am ready for a spanking.

And if, during the course of my day, my jeans are taken down for me to be examined, he will be treated to an enticing vision: the woman, her lips wet with desire, hair tousled, jeans on the floor while she bends to display the expanse between silk stockings and panties, drawing his hand near to explore the thoughtfully arranged offering on the platter.

Presentation, after all, is of the utmost importance to any great hostess.


  1. I am not a lover of silk stockings, well for that matter any stockings, it is the African heat that gets to me, but Pink,after reading this, I have amended my shopping list!!

  2. Oh yes, I love stockings. A little secret, I have some on now under my trousers in the hope of something later :)


  3. Hedone: Seriously. If I only had more stockings...

    Raven: They are a must. :)

    Ronnie: Oh, yours is a lucky, lucky man!


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