October 26, 2010

Does it come with sound?

If you're anything like me, you storm the malls and boutiques on December 23, looking for the perfect gift for that special someone. Why wait? I've done some shopping for you.

Spankeuse Mécanique......$12.00

Discover the delicious tingle of a well-deserved spanking with this stress-busting toy. This professional duo have distilled years of experience to bring you red-handed action at various levels of intensity.

Mister Masturbation and Miss Masturbation...$12.00

Just off the runway and into your living room! Build your own fully masturbational Adam and Eve. Comes in vanilla and chocolate.

Each kit comes beautifully packaged and includes everything you need to build your very own paper power mechanical toy, available at World Upside Down.

Happy shopping!


  1. Hi Pink,

    These are real???? OMG! I must spend some time on that site.


  2. Heather and Hermione, be sure to check out that site -- it has a demonstration of the dolls in action (and more to choose from, too). :)

  3. Thanks for the link, that is a great site that you have found. I love their kits. Now all I have to do is decide which one to get for my mother.


  4. Prefectdt!!! Oh, to be a fly on the wall when that wrapping paper comes off... :)

    Some of their greeting cards are super cute, too, particularly the "missing you" ones.

    Glad you enjoyed the site!

  5. Oh my freaking God. I don't know what to comment on first. First of all, I'm agog that this is even real. But beyond that -- check out Mr. Masturbation's facial expression! Could it be that he's shocked that his member is nearly as long as his forearms?

    And Miss Masturbation doesn't have a bush, she has an entire tree.

  6. Haha, Erica, I hadn't even noticed the astounding length of Mr. Masturbation's member. Shocking!

    They come in chocolate and vanilla; I wonder if there might be an unshaven and shaven option as well? I suppose one could always use white-out. :)

  7. Are you serious, they exist. I must pop over and take a look at this site.

    Thanks Pink.


  8. Craziness.

    I'm buying toy #1 :D


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