October 29, 2010


Tomorrow I will receive my LOL spanking and we will provide you with audio of the event. I should have it uploaded on Sunday, so watch this space.

I'm nervous but I think this will be fun, too. I don't think anyone will be able to pick me out of a voice line-up, so anonymity should be preserved. (As long as D and I don't say each other's names, then we would have to start all over. No ideas, D.)

I just hope I don't do something embarrassing in front of everyone. Like snort. Or toot. Or cry like a baby. Not that I ever do any of those things (particularly the first two), but you know, I may crack under the pressure of immortalizing the moment. In essence I will be taking my pants down for all of you. I know this isn't difficult for the brave and the bold, but I tend to be a bit more inhibited in that regard.

And even if the audio doesn't turn out, I'll have received a pretty damn good spanking. How can one girl be so lucky?

Have a beautiful weekend, everyone!


  1. I've just finished listening to the latest episode of The Spankingcast and now I have have your Audio to look forward to. My ears are getting lots of treats lately :)


  2. That sounds like fun (for us, that is). I'm looking forward to listening on Sunday.


  3. Looking forward to it Pink. LOL!-Don't "crack" under the pressure!

  4. I am VERY much looking forward to hearing your recording. Be sure to test the microphone arrangement well before the event; they can be tricky! I suggest placing the mic close to your face so we can hear you breathing (and panting).

    Please call out my name for one strike, it would give me chills!


  5. I'm actually excited about it. :)
    Hope he plays gentle for at least a few, if I remember correctly you were due to get over a hundred....

  6. Prefectdt, I'm happy to provide entertainment...I think. Ask me after Saturday night!

    Hermione, oh I think D will have a mighty good time, too. :)

    PMP, I'll wait til the mic is off to do anything embarrassing!

    Hieronymus...I cannot promise my mind will be working quite so well to remember that. But I shall try!

    Jae, it's over 300 hundred. But at this point, who's counting? (I hope I won't be.)

    :) Thanks everyone!

  7. Don't worry, you won't embarrass yourself! Just enjoy every.. single.... swat!
    Finally posted details on my 300+... and way looking forward to yours! *grins*

    *Hugs* xoxo
    baby girl cricket

  8. Oh I can't wait!

    Don't forget to say my name...three times :D


  9. If you cracked a little, we'd still love you, Pink.
    How brave of you to let us listen. I think it's an awesome idea and will be greatly anticipating the post.

  10. I agree with those above me - such an awesome idea... and I, like SO many others, am really looking forward to it.

    And, I hope you do make a few sweet little gasping sounds ;)

  11. Good luck. Looking forward to the audio, and I hope you can sit down to post about it soon. ;)

  12. Looking forward to it Pink! Hope you're having a fun Halloween weekend!


  13. This is so odd. We are about to start audiocasts (is that what they are called?) on our blog.
    We have no plans for a spanking one though.

    Have fun tomorrow.

  14. Thanks for commenting, everyone. Forgive me for my lack of wit.

    *Deep breaths*

    I'm going in.


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