October 24, 2010

Because you say so

We both know that I will do it.

Last Friday, when you ordered me to fetch that wooden paddle from your bedroom, telling me to keep my skirt up and my panties where they were, rolled under my cheeks in such a way that made me want to reach back and hide my burning shame, in my mind I hesitated. But that hesitation didn't last long, because you said so and it must be done.

When you ordered me to the corner my resistance was gone, weathered away by the storm of your palm and paddle thundering against my cheeks, your words making me feel small and quiet but not insignificant. Never insignificant. I feel like the center of your world when you hold me. When you look at me, I know you are seeing all of the parts, flaws and all, and you cherish them. You even kiss the ugly parts of me.

And when you made me bend in front of you while you were seated, I knew you were seeing everything -- turning me into a house without walls, opening me in such a way that hiding was impossible -- and it scared me for a moment. But I did it because you said so.

This is unusual for me. I am the girl who needs to know why. I am the woman who makes up her own mind. But because you say so, I do not question you. I know that you will keep me safe, battling my own fears right alongside me, demanding that with you there is always truth. With you, in humility there is dignity.

I love it when you say so.

I need you to say so.

I am yours because I say so.


  1. This is probably one of the sexiest posts I have read in a long time! I love this!
    Thanks for such a great post!

  2. Absolutely beautiful and poignant.

  3. Mm! Now see.. this is why when I am sitting here with coffee.. searching for motivation for the day, that I hit your blog first! Beautifully written and so sexy, pink! xoxo

  4. Stunning. Just stunning.

  5. This was amazing, pink. I love the recurring theme, and I feel the safety and security he brings you, as I read.

    You're very insiring.

    << Follower for life!

  6. NakedJaebird: Welcome! I am deeply moved by your reaction (and your email). Thank you! And I just checked out your blog -- captivating reading.

    Raven Red: It helps that I have the best inspiration! Huge hugs to you. When do you leave for the UK?

    babygirl cricket: (Or shall i call you brat?) Kink and coffee: an underrated pairing that is sure to get your motor running. :)

    Vinay: Thanks for making your way over from Facebook -- good to have you here! And it is absolutely the epitome (for me) of this thing we do, this deep trust of my partner.

    Judy: I don't know that anyone has said that my words were stunning before. This made me really happy. Thank you!

    Lil: It has taken D & I some time to reach this point and it truly is amazing. I do feel safe and secure and loved when I am with him. He might spank me harder than I like sometimes, but he never gives me more than I can truly handle. Absolutely thrilled and honored to have you following my blog. You're no slouch writer yourself (far from it, fantastic lady)!

  7. Thanks, Devlin! Hope you enjoy your weekend!

  8. Absolutely lovely, Pink. (I tried to leave a comment yesterday but the forces weren't with me.)


  9. Thank you, Hermione! Sometimes Blogger foils my attempts to make my own comments here. What's up with that? Don't they know who I am? ;)

    Hope you're enjoying your weekend!




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