October 19, 2010

Housewarming to Michael and Season

Photo from Blossom and Thorn

With the upcoming "Love our Lurkers Day" on Thursday, October 21 (started by Bonnie of My Bottom Smarts), I have a confession.

There are several blogs where I lurk. One of those blogs that I silently follow is Devlin O'Neill's. The camaraderie evident in the comments is remarkable.

Smart, entertaining, and usually spot-on, Devlin's blog seems to function as much as a forum as it does a blog -- with contributing "hijackers" writing a fair number of posts, it offers many different perspectives on TTWD. If you haven't had the pleasure, I suggest you read it.

Two of the regular hijackers and proof that you can find love on the internet, Season and Michael, have started a new blog called Blossom and Thorn (it's fairly evident who is the Blossom and who is the Thorn). Judging from the already high number of comments, I predict it won't just be a success -- it'll be another forum-like setting where the like-minded can meet and brat and top and discuss ideas in depth. (I'll probably lurk there, too!)

Go say hello to Michael and Season, as they start their new lives together, both in the blogosphere and in love everlasting.


  1. Devlin had a wonderful blog, and I know that Michael and Season will have a fine one too.


  2. I agree, Devlin has a great blog. I've been over to say hello to Michael and Season.


  3. Yes, Devlin has one of the best blogs around, for sure. For some reason Michael was unable to leave a comment, so he emailed it to me.

    Michael said...

    Pink, thank you so much for this wonderful welcome of our blog to the blogosphere. Season isn't here right now but when I show her she will be tickled pink! Please delurk on our blog anytime you want, and I absolutely know Dev feels the same way about his blog. I think you already comment on Poppy's blog. Again, thanks so much for being part of an amazing welcome wagon in our community.

    Thanks, Hermione, Season and I will do our best to live up to your's and many others expectations.

    And thanks to you too, Ronnie, for your support and for stopping by our blog.

  4. Thank you so much for the wonderful post about our new blog! I lurked for a long time on Dev's blog and a few others, too. I still don't know what inspired me to finally post a comment one day, but I am so SO happy I did! I had no idea the chain of events that would trigger. :-)

  5. Hi, Pink, and thanks very much for the kind words.

    And speaking of LOL Day, you stopped by last time, in 2009, and then I'm afraid I lost track of you, apart from a recent comment or two on Poppy's blit. But I'll make sure you're included in the new blog roll at my place as well.

    Thanks again!


  6. I posted Michael's comment but didn't reply. I'm so slick.

    Michael and Season and Dev, delurking is in my immediate future. (Thursday, anyone?) I used your story (Michael & Season's, Poppy & Dev's) to encourage someone who emailed me recently asking for advice on how to find love.

    I encouraged her to join the community discussions on blogs such as Dev's (and now yours) because I knew of two couples who found each other in that manner. (Although yours is a rare success story!)

    Dev, I appreciate the add to your blogroll and your comment here tonight. :)


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