October 11, 2010

If cats could talk...

If cats could talk, mine would describe how last night, in a moment of kinship, I arched my back and howled as if in heat while the strange man used me as a scratching post, his paws rubbing and smacking with alarming speed and accuracy.

She would tell you, in great detail, about my mews and growls, the way I lifted my bottom up for more attention and rubbed my scent all over the man, marking him as mine.

Then her story would shift to one of petting and purring, whispering and moaning as he took his turn in marking me as his, her owner now owned by the man with the brush in his hand.


  1. If Spanko's were cats, you'd be a Panther, Pink!
    (Sorry I broke your favorite hairbrush... again)

  2. wow, what a great post, a great evening....

  3. and if that cat could take photographs I'd slip it a fiver...a wonderful bit of writing there.

  4. D: Another broken brush is a small price to pay.

    Heather: She certainly was curious about the goings-on.

    Advizor: Thank you! It was a great evening.

    Baron Wrong: Only a fiver? (Good to see you here from FB!)

  5. I had a lover who would caress me just at the base of my tail in such a way that, despite my top tendencies, I was hers to do with as she pleased, her skill and my ecstasy wonderous to remember.

    Curiously, my cats all adored her too - perhaps her gifts are Goddess sent...? Bast at a guess! :)

  6. Mmmm, yes! I love you saying you arched your back...nice cat detail! :)


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