October 20, 2010

October girl

It's my favorite time of year. I am truly an Autumnal type: trouncing through leaves, canoeing on meandering rivers through the hues of purple and gold, hot cocoa and caramel apples.

It's the season for cozy blankets,

Halloween costumes limited only by your imagination,

knee high boots that have been stored in closets,

handknit scarves in vibrant colors, soft and cozy against your skin,

and cuddling with the one you love.

But beware of offers to draw you some hot water for a bath.

Make sure your bath comes with bubbles.


  1. Great pictures, and yes, I love the fall too.

  2. LOL! Love this post! Fall is definitely my favorite time of year. :D

  3. This in common too, eh?


  4. Very sexy pictures - each one better than the last.

    Such lovely reading to go with my morning coffee.


  5. So much to do in the fall. I love it, for all of those reasons and more.

  6. Wonderful post! Absolutely sexy pictures too! I also love the Fall, so much so that I have fall leaves tattooed up my right arm with a wolf in the middle of them. (will share a photo of this in an upcoming blog post) :)

  7. Advizor: Why does our most favorite season have to be the shortest?

    Season: There is much good fun to be had in the Fall. :)

    Hedone: Sister from another mister?

    Lilith: Happy to return the favor...your morning post complemented my coffee quite nicely as well!

    Traci: Crunching leaves, apple cider, bike rides, the list goes on and on.

    babygirl cricket: You are a hardcore Autumnal girl! Can't wait to see the pics. :)

  8. Happy Birthday month also for you Miss Pink. I too was born in the season of long boots and warm cosy clothes, but since moving to another hemisphere I find myself celebrating in a short skirt and a big hat!

    Enjoy your last ten days of the month my clever friend.


  9. I am on the other side of the equator, well, hopefully soon, I will not be, but I loved this and I loved the pictures..

    And for the record, the temperature today in our lovely, supposed to be moderate Spring month of October, is a scorching 32 degrees Celcius...off to find pool now...seriously...



  10. This post reminds me of a common saying of Titus, a character on the TV Show Rome (very hot - you should check it out, Miss Pink, if you haven't already).

    He refers to women getting "as wet as October". Funny and charming as this post.


  11. Oh my, I almost missed the previous comments. My apologies!

    Curtseygirl: Did I miss your bday? If so, I wish you the happiest year yet!

    Raven: I am not jealous of your hot temperatures. I was so relieved when September hit and I could drag out my sweaters and blankets.

    Lil: Oh, I love that quote! I might need to use that... :)

  12. Kiaora Pink,

    No, I was born in winter (in New Zealand), but now celebrate in summer (in England).

    My birthday is July 2nd, you know, just before July 4th.

    (Feck the Revolution!)


  13. I think if I were to celebrate my birthday in the summer, I'd be extra grumpy about turning another year older.


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