October 15, 2010

Letter from the school

D just received this letter from The Birchwood Academy.

Do you think I might be in trouble?

Mr. D,

We regret to inform you that Miss Pink has been suspended for 3 days from The Birchwood Academy for inappropriate and lewd behavior. You are aware that the academy has a strict dress code to ensure our ladies take the utmost care in representing this fine institution. Miss Pink has been repeatedly warned that her skirt is too short and that she needs to wear the regulatory undergarments to protect her modesty and the integrity of our school.

Today was her last warning, as she appeared in school wearing a skirt that barely covered her feminine bits, coupled with undergarments that were shocking and far from regulation standard.

In a move that can only be described as deliberate, she proceeded to drop one item after another in front of her offended maths professor who could hardly believe the sights she showed him when she bent to retrieve them. This is totally inexcusable.

It is with deep regret that we suspend her for these actions, but I am sure you can understand our stance on preserving the reputation of The Birchwood Academy. It is our hope that when she returns to school next Thursday, October 21, that she will be properly attired in a manner befitting the young ladies of our school.


Miss Presswood

I'm biting my nails. What, oh what, do you suppose D will do tonight when I arrive at his house for the weekend?

Surely not.

I suspect he'll just take me shopping.


  1. Pink, not sure how to break this gently - but I am sure he will take you shopping afterwards...seems you are in need of new uniforms..

    Loved this!


  2. Raven Red, so far....no shopping. Will keep you posted though -- it's only Saturday! :)

  3. I hope he paddles your bare bottom soundly!

  4. This post was so hot.. I really want to try role playing more.. just never sure how to go about it with Daddy.. Just strike up a scene and see how it goes? Or ask permission? Hmm. Now you have me thinking! ;)

  5. FH: :) Maybe he did...

    babygirl cricket: This letter was a fun excuse for playtime. (He even made me wear the offending skirt and panties!) Highly recommend a letter such as this one. :)


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