October 24, 2010

Three hundred and twenty-eight

"Love Our Lurkers" day was a massive success. It felt a bit like trick-or-treating, welcoming guests into my "home" (although none were ghosts or goblins) as well as knocking on neighbors' doors. I'm relieved, though, that I had other posts previously scheduled, as I was a bit burnt out on communication! (I have no idea how many blogs I visited or comments I left, but I think I got my communication in for the rest of the year.)

Three hundred and twenty-eight. That's the total of spanks that your comments have earned me from LOL Day. Thank you!

Those spankings will come to me as soon as D & I get together next weekend. And there will be audio, if not pictures, of the event. (Yikes.)

Thanks to this day organized by Bonnie, I also discovered some new(ish) and very hot blogs which I've added to my blogroll. Please take a few moments to check them out, and if you enjoy what you see, support them with your comments:

Big thank you to all who participated! It was lovely hearing from new and old. I owe you (and so does D).


  1. You're quite welcome, Jae! Your blog is full of great humor and sexy information. I look forward to reading more!

  2. Three hundred and 28! are you going to be made to count them out?

    I hope you do do an audio on that, the spoken (or even screamed) word gives so much more imagination fodder than video.


  3. D says that I must count them...and not lose track or he'll start over. We'll see how it actually goes down. My Dom is a softie. ;)

    (Yes, that was me, baiting him.)

    I'm not much for providing video as I am exceedingly shy about such things. While I have posted pics here of me, it wasn't obvious who it was. So audio will leave much to the imagination, but will also give a pretty big glimpse into what happens between D & I.

    *Deep breaths*

  4. three hundred and twenty eight comments are amazing, and three hundred and twenty eight spanks?...well...328? Okay, that also does not make it look any better....
    And the audio? You are much braver than me...okay granted, I would not like to be captured on audio at any given stage, makes it a bit difficult to deny that I did not say "whatever"...

  5. Ha, yes, the audio thing is a bit daunting for me as well. I probably won't even listen to it myself!

    And actually, it was a whopping 82 comments which equates to 328 spanks. If I had 328 comments I wouldn't be sitting for a month! :)

  6. Agh! There was supposed to be a curtsey in that post as well.


    There. :-)

  7. Thank you for sharing my blog, you are so sweet! *Hugs*

    I have mine coming tonight, I know pictures will be shared Daddy says. I'm sure they'll be posted tomorrow. Meep!

    baby girl cricket

  8. Don't think I have forgotten that I owe you 12, Miss Curtseygirl.

    Cricket, you racked them up pretty quickly. It was impressive! I will pretend to feel sorry for you when you post the pics, but I am a crap actress.



  9. (lol) You are so funny,hon. :)

    I was actually surprised that I got that many with my blog being so new. Will be posting this afternoon.. but I will say for now that I am squirming every time I sit down today!

  10. Cricket,

    I'll be sure to check out the evidence of his efforts!:)

  11. Thank you SO much for giving me a little plug on your blog! As I was curiously looking through my blog's statistics I noticed that your site is actually my biggest referrer!!

    So thank you SO MUCH to you and your delicious readership. I love you all.


  12. Well, duh, Lil...your stories are FANTASTIC! Everyone should read them. (So happy I could help spread the sexual joy of your words.)



  13. Yowza! Your butt is going to burn!!


  14. Heeheehee...the word verification was "sunglow"

    too funny.


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