July 16, 2010

Successful advertising

I am suddenly in need of a Bavarian cream doughnut. And beer. While wearing Lederhosen. And dancing to Oompa music.

I'm spent. I know nothing else of Bavaria. Except that those shorts are a brilliant marketing ploy for doughnuts, beer, Lederhosen and traditional Oompa music.

Nicely done Bavaria.


  1. I'd sure hate to see the wrapped buns of: Democratic Republic of the Congo! It would look like a stuffed tent! I think Bavaria is just the right size....

  2. I laughed out loud at this post! I like Bavaria too!


  3. All I can think about is how to get my hands on both of those asses, at the same time. Do I have to go to Bavaria????

  4. Command: For some reason your comment invoked the image of snakes in pants. Which could perhaps work for women.

    FH: As if we needed more reason, right?

    Supercock: Perhaps they're members of a traveling show? One can hope.


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