July 1, 2010


If you've been following this blog for the past week, then you'd know that I had Big Plans: a 3-way spank. With a really cool chick. (Well, two really cool chicks and an alright Dom...yeah, wink.)

But, my kidneys weren't on the same page (no worries), so those games had to be postponed. Massive disappointment. I'm finally feeling more like myself, groove back and all, and so have been looking for consolation material. (I turn to spanking pictures like others turn to chocolate.)

When I ran across this:

Is that supposed to be Cindy Crawford spanking a wayward, pre-meth Amy Winehouse? Or am I totally off-base, as often happens?

I have no idea who the photographer? artist? cartoonist? is on this picture, but am in total marvel over the women's impossibly high heels and 40s attire, the vintage-meets-modern feel.

What I love most? The insinuation of the "KAPOW!", Batman-style.

Cindy is really dishing it out to Amy. Don't you see the stars?


  1. This is an interesting photo...the colorization and fashion are fun. What makes it great? Your delusions...I mean commentary. Too too funny :D


  2. Uh-oh, so that's not supposed to be Cindy Crawford spanking Amy Winehouse?

    Either you lack imagination -- doubtful -- or I need my eyes (or head) examined...;)


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