July 26, 2010

Parking fines

To the parking attendant in Indy:

I'm sorry that we stole your "park" paddle but we definitely needed it more than you. You'll be happy to know that my naughty bottom received a taste of it later in the form of a smack that rang out through the camper, jolting our hosts from their slumber.

(Perhaps you heard it too and mistook it for cracks of thunder?)

In the actual theft of the paddle, I maintain my innocence. My Dom caught me quite by surprise when he pulled it out from the couch cushions and ordered my panties down. Still, I did not return it to you the next morning (oh, how I wish that I did!) so I am complicit in the crime. I expect to receive my comeuppance shortly, so I hope this transgression can remain between us.

Your red-bottomed camper,

Miss Pink


  1. Pink,

    This paddle wasn't stolen, it was re-purposed to serve a greater need.

    It will be returned in time for the next race, assuming that it doesn't break 'some how' between now and then .

  2. Ouchie! I can't believe you let other people hear your bottom get walloped by your Dom! Did they hear you promise your obedience? Did your hosts comment about it the next day? What a naughty girl you are!

    Command: is the paddle thick and hard? Did Miss Pink take it like a good girl?

  3. I guess when D tells you to "park your rear" in the corner or on a seat, you'll do as you're told! Won't you?

  4. Pink you're so cute!


    P.S. you two are soooo hot!

  5. OMG too funny! Is that the actual paddle used? Great post!


  6. D: I wouldn't suggest playing racquetball with it, if that's what you mean by "somehow" getting broken. Surely you wouldn't be talking about another "hairbrush challenge", would you?

    Anony 1 & 2: Yes. They heard. And they commented, more on the giggling and the sex afterward since I think they were afraid to ask what the loud cracks were.

    And it certainly will motivate me to park my rear quickly and obediently (the paddle packs a very evil sting).

    Hedone: Why thank you! D's head just got a little bit bigger. :)

    FH: Actual paddle used! You should have seen the surprise on my face when D took that out. It was one of those moments...

  7. I hope there were no "sliver" left on your bottom afterwards. How unfortunate that would have been...


  8. Hmmm, FH, that reminds me of a story... ;)

  9. Anony,

    Compared to my other paddles, this one is a bit thin. However, it does make a 'hot' sound when it lands.

    Pink was comfortably numb when she went bottoms up, so much so that I had to threaten to gag her with her own soiled panties before she kept quieter than the paddle!

  10. Command: Let's clarify. I do not "soil" my panties, Sir. I believe the correct term is "wet". As in damp. As in excited. Which is what you make me.

    And by "comfortably numb", I believe you mean I had enjoyed the libations of the evening. Thoroughly.

    And by "thin" with regard to the paddle, I'm sure you meant that it stung like a son-of-a-ho-hum. Right?




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