July 29, 2010

Some women

Some women are born sex kittens.

Their thigh highs never roll. Their lips, at rest, assume the perfect, sensuous pout. Their skirts are always just the right amount of short as to leave one breathless for more. They exude sex right down to their perfectly shaped, most likely polished toenails.

I have a great admiration for those women. But I am not one of them.

My thigh highs are more likely ripped knee highs by the end of the night. My pout is ludicrously unbelievable. My skirts are typically too short (thanks to my 5'11" stature), requiring me to do the "check behind" maneuver before bending to pick anything up. And after a world-class pedicure, my toes still maintain their awkward disposition.

No, I am not a sex kitten.

But when I am over his lap, a too-short skirt sure comes in handy. And he's certainly not looking at my toes as my feet flex with each downward stroke of his hand.

I am a woman transformed by his presence. I am aware of each whispering movement I make, imbued with a confident sensuality. When I lift my bottom high in the air, I am the sexiest woman there ever was; when I moan and purr for him, my inner kitten is released; when I am on all fours with my back arched, I am his lioness stretching in the sunny warmth of his gaze. My whole being bristles with an electric sexual energy.

I am his sex kitten. And that is all I need to be.

(Photos found on Doonstar.)


  1. Pink,

    I love the way your words purr for me. I love the way the kitten in you transforms into a tigress for me too.

  2. So nice to see such a loving relationship unfold. Pink, your words are delectable. Command, you give us the impression that she's a wild cat. Sexy. Ah, the blogosphere, the land of the vicarious voyeurs. ;)

  3. A wonderful description and explanation as to how many of us spankos feel and think...myself included. Thanks.

  4. Command: Rawr.

    Anony: It's interesting rereading some of my older posts -- the beginning of this blog coincides with the very beginning of my relationship with D. It's been an enjoyable ride on both accounts.

    missptunia: Nice to meet you! Isn't it wonderful, though, how the right dynamic transforms two ordinary people? Thanks for reading and hope to see more of you!


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