July 15, 2010


Three friends meet for dinner and this is how it ends. At least for me. Tonight. Minus that silly hat.

(Please don't wear a hat, D. In fact, I propose a ban on hats for the evening. Don't make me use my safe word.)


  1. BP, You KNOW I get a 'hat on' when I spank you!! OK, OK... but I'm keeping the tie!

  2. I expect a full report first thing tomorrow of the whole scene: dialogue, entry, internal emotions, setting, force, the look in each other's eyes, every little detail. Don't miss a single layer or a single moment. Because I don't just want to be a fly on the wall, I want to be the one holding the camera. That too - please provide a pic or clip for curious eyes!

  3. Command: Sir, with the exclusion of the hat, you may wear whatever you want. (Except perhaps the sweatshirt with the sleeves cut off.)

    Anony: Expect a full report tomorrow or Saturday. And my partner in crime, Rayne, will be posting her version of the events as well. Hopefully, between the two of us, we will be able to share every scintillating detail.

  4. Goodie, goodie! I've been waiting for this.

    ...and ditto everything anonymous said.



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