July 7, 2010

I blew out every candle...

My naked calves pressed firmly against the cold windows of the Ford Explorer, under my hips was a rolled-up blanket that slightly irritated my skin. In my hand was the unforgiving bath brush and the car's interior echoed with his voice demanding, "Again. Harder. Again," drowning out the October winds that rocked against us.

I gave it my all, imagining he was there delivering the thwacks and cracks against my chilled, but warming, bottom.

The absurdity of my surroundings were soon forgotten. I was no longer in my parents' SUV, parked in their driveway, worried about discovery. I was over his knees, his hand wielding the bath brush with unrelenting force as I breathily counted out the strokes.

How did my birthday spanking come to this?

For a month I was without a home, caught between the sale of my old house and the purchase of my new place. And a girl turning one year older has needs! The fact that I lacked for any privacy posed a serious problem, a problem only creativity and ingenuity, of which I do not lack, could solve. The matter of a long-distance relationship...that was solved, for a time, with the miracle of speaker phone.

Now, months before I turn over another year, I'm fondly reminiscent of that last birthday spanking. There is no need for the phone anymore -- I have mine delivered up close and personal these days. But perhaps, maybe, I might borrow my parents' driveway again. Practice does, indeed, make perfect.


  1. You like the thrill of possibly being caught. It heightens everything!

  2. Yes, it does! Extra naughtiness...


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