July 22, 2010

Freudian Slip: speaking Spankish

Here's an announcement: I speak Spankish. Or so I mistakenly told someone tonight on Messenger. That extra "k" in there really sold me out.

That's right, Spankish. I even studied abroad. I took my coursework very seriously -- immersing myself in the Spankish culture, enjoying the Spankish Flamenco, even going so far as dreaming in fluent Spankish.

And the homework? I totally busted my butt to get the marks that I deserved.

He sido una chica muy traviesa, señor. Necesito que me azote largo y duro.



  1. Spankish Flamenco, eh? I bet stomping your feet and clapping your hands gets you a lot of attention. Doesn't it? ;)

  2. Genius. I can't think of a better language to learn :)


  3. "And the homework? I totally busted my butt to get the marks that I deserved."

    Ha! You're a hoot.

    ...begging to be whipped a long time, eh?


  4. Anony: Usually I'm the one stomping my feet and D is the one clapping his hands... ;)

    J: Fluency in Spankish takes years but is the best of the Romantic languages, to be sure.

    Hedone: Oh yes, I've been asking for it since I was 19. I'm now going for my Doctorate. You should see my thesis!

  5. When you make out with D, do you call it Phleghmish? Heh.

    If you didn't bust your butt to get those grades, I know someone who might have busted it for you. ;) That's how discipline works - either you bust your own butt or someone makes an offer. And the sweetest offers are the ones done otk.

  6. Anony: I am decidedly anti-Phleghmish.


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