July 17, 2010

And the winner is...(The warm-up, 2/3)

A continuation of Rayne's and my adventures with D. Check out my previous post if you haven't done so and be sure to watch Rayne's blog for her accounting of the events. (If she ever posts it that is -- naughty girl!)

The whole way over I was nervous. It was as if the butterflies in my stomach were blocking my view of the road.

I could also feel Rayne's heat and shy nerves next to me. She asked a few questions and I gave her some reassurance. But as much as I trusted her and the man I have spent many months with, walking up to his door this time felt novel and when he opened it, the evening burst with possibility.

D was the master. He brought out piles of implements for us to choose from, and explained the RULES. I tingled at that word, and when my friend heard me call him "Sir". This was my first ever public submission and spanking experience and it was even more perfect than I had envisioned in the years leading to this moment.

When D called me to him and pulled me over his lap, I dared not look at Rayne. He began firmly delivering a hand-spanking over my jeans, gradually increasing intensity and frequency until I was "oofing" and "aahing" over his lap. D made pleasant conversation with Rayne about the amusing sounds I make while being spanked, eliciting various responses from me as demonstration of my verbal versatility.

Patting my bottom signaled that it was time to lose the extra protection that my jeans afforded and his words confirmed it, "Get these down." I stood and caught Rayne's eye as I unbuttoned and smoothed my pants down past my warm bottom. One deep breath later and with my pants at mid-thigh, I was back over D's lap, feeling his khaki shorts against my hips as I presented my bottom for his attention. He continued, his hand feeling as firm as a wooden paddle, his tempo increasing until I was kicking my objections and vocalizing my escalated discomfort.

As he finished and stood me up, D ordered me out of my pants. "Those jeans need to come all the way off and stay off," he commanded. Blushing, I wriggled out of my tight pants. Jeans off, I stood for a moment, at once relishing and resenting the embarrassment over my continued exposure in front of Rayne. I fiddled with my fishnet thigh highs; I yanked my shirt down to cover my naked bits. I did everything I could to postpone looking at the woman on the couch.

I knew D respected Rayne's position in his home and he wouldn't make her strip for the night, so now here I was the most submissive one in the room. It was a delicious predicament, and I felt both their eyes on my legs, bare but for the white fishnets. Being exposed and vulnerable such as I was, with both D and Rayne fully dressed, made me hotter than expected. I could not have predicted this level of wetness.

Rayne had, for the most part, sat transfixed by the jiggling and bouncing of my cheeks as D's hand thoroughly changed them from a soft to a bright pink. But as I moved back to the chair across from her and waited for her turn to begin, I took a closer look at her reaction. And there on her face I read the same emotions I was feeling: trepidation, excitement, pleasure and an eagerness to continue our game.

And then suddenly it was her turn, and I watched as she bent over the hot spot on D's lap. I licked my lips and leaned closer.

Her bottom swayed beatifically as his hand made contact, her feet off the floor, her hands gripping the chair. His warm up was slow and thoughtful, measuring her response and her boundaries, increasing the impact little by little as she proved she could take more. And then, she was standing and unbuttoning her pants, shyly pushing them under her cheeks, casting me a hesitant look before she placed herself over his lap again. I could not help it: I watched her cheeks with modest awe as D set about heating them up, my own bottom still blazing against the cool leather of the chair.

"Oh, that left a hand-print!" I'd exclaim as her cheek turned from a white to hot pink, heightening her awareness of my presence. I felt so naughty!

Warm-ups complete, the game was ready to begin.

Up next: your daring heroine and Rayne try their luck at a game of Round Robin, led by the ever-cool and consistently firm-handed D.

(Photos from "House Rules", a firmhandspanking video series featuring Samantha Woodley and Lizzie Madison.)


  1. How illuminating! *blush*

    I promise I will post my counterpart very, very soon!! :D

  2. I'm leaning on the bed of a truck, talking to a group of men, and I have a raging hard-on from this story.

    Good story.

  3. You are such a terrific writer, Ms. Pink. You carried me away with you on your magic spanking ride. Thank you for sharing your experiences with those of us who are less fortunate than you on the experimental front. I wish I could hover my hand over that cute little bottom of yours, just to feel the magnetic heat pulse off it.

    You are one sexy woman. Best blog ever.

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  5. Pink,

    You wrote an excellent post, true to the visual experiences of the evening!

    Like describing a storm, you accounted for the lightening. But it was much more than just visual.

    I also liked the 'thunder' and the 'scent' of the rain!

  6. Hurry up and post part 3 - I'm waiting on baited breath.

  7. Very hot comment, Command.

  8. Rayne: *Tapping foot. You'd better get that post written, young lady, or you will end up over SOMEONE'S knee.

    Anony with hard-on: I hope they are very good friends.

    Anony with compliments: I'm not sure my bottom is magnetic, but it is well-heated these days. Thank you for the praise; it truly means a lot to me.

    Command: Your mode of relaxation is far better than any remedy I've seen.

    Impatient Anony: Hold your horses, cowgirl!

    Last Anony: You should see his hands!

  9. I'm glad that I was able to hold off reading the round robin spanking posts until they were all posted.

    It would have been torture to wait for the next installment.

    Wonderfully written b.p, as usual.


  10. Thank you, Hedone! Although, I must add that, as with spanking, a lot of the pleasure comes from the wait. ;)


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