July 23, 2010

I wanna be a cowgirl

I don't want to be a schoolgirl with my head inside a book.
I don't want to be the kind of girl who likes to clean and cook.
I don't want to be an office girl with my paper and my pen.
I don't want to be the kind of girl who waits for who knows when.

I don't want to be a good girl. Good girls have no fun.
I can't play spanking games indoors, I love the rain and sun.
I've got my shiny spurs and boots, I've got my cowgirl hat --
I just wanna be a cowgirl, Sir, what's so wrong with that?

I want to break in leather and feel your rope lasso.
I want to do the kind of things a cowgirl likes to do.
I'll drift across your firm knees and shine my rosy moon.
I just want to be a cowgirl, and I want to be one soon.

I don't want to be a girly girl who likes to sit and chat.
I just wanna be a cowgirl, Sir, now what's so wrong with that?

Adapted from a children's book of same title.


  1. Great post! loved it and the pictures really make it.
    Thanks for making my day!


    oh and as far as I'm concerned I see no reason a cowgirl can't also be a very "goodgirl" too.
    I've always said sometimes naughty girls make the best good girls.

  2. I want to ride your big wild horse
    And let you pull my hair
    To jump and kick and chase and trip
    Like an unbridled mare

    And then to feel your manly arms, your palms upon my ass
    Disciplining my tender rear and taming my silly sass

    I want to do reverse cowgirl Sir, and wear your cowboy hat
    To bend and please and strip and tease,
    And what's so wrong with that?

  3. Paula Cole's Where Have All The Cowboys Gone?


  4. Collar: I would agree. Good girls actually do have quite a lot of fun, of the more "fun" variety. And yes, being naughty is sometimes oh so good!

    Glad you enjoyed my post!

    Cutensexxxy: Oh...taking it to the next level with the "reverse cowgirl"! Mmmm...yes, I like that very much. Hot.

    Anony 2: Where HAVE all the cowboys gone?


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