December 12, 2010

Reality Tale

Once upon a time there was a woman. She was a remarkable, strong, fierce woman -- but she didn't know it.
She saw herself as ordinary. She laughed at low-brow humor, was afraid of spiders, and occasionally slammed her car door. She was of average looks and average intelligence and average wealth.
But deep within this pragmatic, capable woman brewed a most unusual desire.

When she closed her eyes at night, her fingers drifted and she imagined a man who cared enough to cast a light into all of her hidden corners. He'd find her specialness that she couldn't see, hold her accountable to her goals, and -- this was the part that made her fingers work most diligently -- discipline her with routine spankings.
She didn't think a man like that existed. And if he did, what did she, with her own lackluster existence, have to offer?

One day, tired of the monotony of her usual schedule and her offering of vanilla-flavored dates, she stepped into the shadowy woods outside her door. She crept cautiously, poised for any danger, prepared to turn back at the first sign of trouble.
With only a few frights along the way, she came to a clearing filled with sparkling, magical candlelight that cast her ordinary features in an extraordinary glow. A breeze lifted her nondescript hair, billowing it around her shoulders in a sea of golden tranquility.

An unknown man emerged slowly from the woods. As he approached from under the blanket of trees, his plain face began to glisten like diamonds in the light, his hair transformed into a crown. Where once there was resignation, she was suddenly filled with a reverence so great that she fell to her knees and wept with discovery and recognition.
She felt his bronzed hand tilt her chin so they were each looking at each other in this magnificent light. After a few moments, he pulled her toward a bench where she stood between his spread thighs. Wordlessly, she laid across his knee. With purpose and growing certainty he began a slow and lulling rhythm against her bottom.
He increased tempo and her ordinary world shook as it relinquished the final hold on its unremarkable axis. She felt herself spiraling outward on a fantastic voyage through space and time, only to land again between the trees, and over his knee.

Once upon a knee there perched a woman. She was a fierce, strong, remarkable woman emboldened enough to show a kindred spirit her darkest corners and wise enough to realize the importance of her dreams.
She was the least ordinary of women. And he was the least ordinary of men.
Together they walked out of the clearing, through the dark forest and into her waiting home -- where she sat tenderly ever after.

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