December 13, 2010

Hard Night's Sleep

We've all heard of people doing crazy things while asleep.

In Australia, a middle-aged woman had a quirky habit of, while sleep-walking, having sex with strange men. Doctors cleverly call this condition "Sleep Sex" -- caused by an REM sleep disorder, thus allowing her to actually act out her dreams -- proving that a woman need not be conscious to get laid (sorry fellas).

Another woman, after inexplicably gaining 60 pounds, was finally diagnosed with (brace yourself for another creatively named disorder)..."Sleep Eating". She apparently downed whole packages of Little Debbie snack cakes while blissfully asleep and dreaming of cream-filled chocolate.

Most recently, a young woman in the Midwest slept through a spanking. I can only guess what the doctors might call that. "Sleep Spanking", for the win? Upon waking she was perplexed by the pain that radiated throughout her whole left butt cheek (and only the left), which was later explained by her positioning on her right hip while asleep.

Fortunately her case is not so bad, as she was fully awake for the sex and the eating that followed, leaving her with just one disorder with which to contend.

Not to be outdone by anyone, however, "Sleep Blogging" is next on her list. Stay tuned.

Second photo from Au Fil des Jours.


  1. she slept through a spanking?

  2. Is this story fiction or fact, or a mixture of both? I was believing it... until we got to the spanking. I find it hard to believe a woman could sleep through a spanking, but then maybe I haven't met you yet, Pink.

    Karl Friedrich Gauss

  3. KFG, I sleep through tornadoes. Literally. Yes, it happened!


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