March 25, 2010

Friday Night

It is finally Friday evening after a long, stressful week for both of us. We have gone out to dinner, where I am more sarcastic than usual. This is the kind of sarcasm that borders on disrespect. I can feel myself reeling out of control and cannot seem to regain the proper tone with you. And you, while initially patient & maintaining a relatively good humor about it, have had enough. You have already given me a few very discreet "looks" to remind me and a whispered promise, but those have served to just annoy mood is now defiant and growing.

On the way home, you address the situation calmly. You begin by asking me if there is something that is bothering me...and I just apologize quietly and explain that it has been a difficult week and that I am tired and stressed. You understand this: you've had a tough week, too. But you remind me that speaking disrespectfully to you at any time, especially after a warning, will not be tolerated and that I had crossed many lines tonight. You tell me that I need to go to the bedroom when we get home and think about my behavior, your expectations, and the consequences of my actions. You are going to spank me and you order me to get your paddle.

Maybe I'll plead with you...maybe I'll try to distract you with a murmured, "I'm sorry," and a kiss...or maybe I'll just hurry off to the bedroom as you've instructed. Regardless, your intentions are clear and unmoved: my ass is going to pay the price for my mouth.

I hurry to the bedroom & get the wooden paddle and the leather paddle, not knowing which you meant. I remove my shoes and wait for you, anxiously sitting on the edge of the bed thinking about my actions and your reactions. I fuss with my skirt and can't seem to get comfortable as I shift repeatedly on the bed. I can feel my stomach knotting and my pussy growing wet.

My thoughts are at once scattered and focused: what will he say? how much have I disappointed him? how much will this hurt? how much trouble am I really in?

Every moment spent waiting for you is filled with conflicted yearning: I want & need you to take me over your knee but doubt my strength to submit properly to you. I know I am safe, but there is still fear that I may further disappoint you.

After what seems like an hour, but is more likely 10 minutes, you come in and softly close the door behind you. You gaze at me tenderly as you slowly roll up your sleeves and approach. You push my hair from my forehead and press your lips there and then take a seat beside me on the bed. You softly express your disappointment in my behavior, and make me confess to my offenses: disrespect & defiance.

When we have understood each other, and I am regretful of my actions, you tell me to remove my skirt and get in position over your knee. I stand, holding your gaze, as my nervous fingers unzip and drop the skirt. A shiver runs up my legs as they are exposed to the air and your eyes. I lower myself over your strong thighs and wriggle into position.

I feel your cock respond to the soft press of my hip and tummy; a warmth spreads from my pussy to my toes and I feel a surge of wetness as your hand cups my bottom. You position me carefully, asking me to spread my legs a bit...I blush, knowing that I am vulnerable and exposed to you (even though I am still wearing my panties).

And you continue to scold as you rub my bottom and adjust my panties. I murmur "yes Sir" and "I'm sorry" appropriately after your pauses.

And then you begin my punishment. Slowly and gradually, your hand gains force and speed. I am fine at first, with no squirming and only soft reactions, but as you speed up I find it more difficult to remain stoic.

As my bottom heats up, so does my pussy. I cannot help it, my natural instinct is to rub against your thigh,to moan, to push closer to your meet you halfway and increase the force of your spanks.

You pause, and scold, and rub....and I feel your fingers hook into my panties. My hips rise from your thighs to allow you to pull them down to my knees. You push my legs back into position and your finger explores my softly murmur in my ear, "you naughty are enjoying this!" after discovering my wet & throbbing pussy. I hold my breath as your thumb circles and flicks my clit...I am torn between wanting you to continue disciplining me or to fuck me.

You drag your finger deliberately through the line of my slit as your thumb moves to caress my asshole. Your other hand has slipped under the neckline of my shirt and your fingers have moved to my nipple, rolling and lightly pinching it. I am moaning and pushing against your hand at my bottom.

I am moving against you, desiring to be filled by you....but you abruptly change tactics and move your hand back to my bottom. Your spanks begin again, with more force and heat. I cry out with the change and manage to hold position by grasping the bedspread.

After a few minutes, I feel you stop to survey....nope, not quite warmed up enough. Not quite wet enough either....and you continue.

Another few minutes, and I am sufficiently warm and wet, actively crying out with every spank and nearly driven to orgasm over your lap from your spanking alone.

You pause to tease me again, your finger darting in and out with ease now and you pinch my throbbing clit just before you reach for the paddle. Lowering your lips to my ear, you continue to scold me in a soft whisper. I feel the leather of the paddle sting and slap...and I love it. It hurts and stings, I can barely maintain my position and am holding on to your leg, the bedspread, whatever I can grasp...and I love it.

You stop again...and caress. I am wild with pain & desire and your firm finger on my clit, all it needs is an exertion of pressure, and it makes me explode. I feel the waves and contractions roll over me as I grind harder on your thigh and against your finger. Afterwards, I am limp but very aware of the length of your cock against my hip....


  1. I just love a story that results in a happy end -ing!

  2. Simply fantastic, ultra sexy...

  3. A wonderful story, glad to have discovered you and looking forward to reading more

  4. Thanks, um...Super...cock. *blush

    Glad you discovered me, too!


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